Evening Solitude by Ted Ellis

I thought I had the original and I wanted to verify my find, so I contacted Ted Ellis via e-mail.  The following quotes are  from the e-mails:

"Steve, that definitely is my artwork,it looks like a canvas transfer of my print .  This is a common process of making a print look like an original.  A plastic polymer resin sheet that is heat sensitive is placed over one the print and pressed together. Art distributors and some framers have the ability add this embellishment.  Its a great replica, but not an original. (Ted T. Ellis)"

"It still a great deal!!! I painted several seascapes while living in San Jose, CA in the late 80's  my teachers were the Garcia family in Milpitas, CA. That's when I decided I wanted art as a career. It's a special piece.  Any, keep painting it brings great joy!!!  (Ted T. Ellis)"