Perez Painting

C. Lewis Perez was an artist of extraordinary talent who is best known for landscape paintings featuring three dimensional or raised trees, bushes and leaves. Perez, whose real name was Chester Lewis (1923-2010), worked also under the trade names "Louis Perez," "Lewis Perez" and often simply "Perez" throughout the 1970's, 80's and 90's until his unofficial retirement from painting around year 2000.

Perez began his career as an artist in the Old Town area of Chicago and later moved his studios and residence to suburban Northwest Indiana. Prior to becoming an artist, Perez was an Illinois registered pharmacist and his curiosity and knowledge of chemical compounds led him to develop a type of paint that resulted in a three-dimensional subject that is extremely durable, easy to clean, and simply unlike any other painting on the market of the time.             Source :

Paintings in this series all feature a 3D looking tree on the water.  Some have structure on the shore line and others do not.  The position of the sun/shadows varies on each painting, as does the tree trunk, leaves, birds exc.  The most desirable trait the paintings in this series have is Texture.

I value this painting at $50.00.  Here is a link to One that sold for 2K??
“Go" Mislabeled the artist as Amelita Perez.  After further ongoing search for artist information, I came across the website above that claims Lewis C. painted the famous "Perez Tree Paintings"