H. Gailey

The legend of Mr. or Mrs. H Gailey

Some people on the internet have suggested this artist was actually a group of artists working in china to produce pictures for tourists?   I think that was a bunch of BS posted by one person and the rumors have since spread because of the lack of information available on this artist.  One things for sure, they are highly collectible for these four main reasons.

1 (Content) Many H. Gailey pictures have surfaced over the last twenty years and people actually like them.

2 (Skill) The majority of the paintings are extremely well done.

3 (Age) Vintage 25 + years, they all seem to have all been painted as early as the 1960's and as late as the 1980's.

4 (Mystery) The lack of information on an artist(s) who painted so many pictures is intriguing.

Based on past auction results and how nice this painting and frame are,  I would value my H. Gailey painting at $200+.    I have viewed a lot of H. Gailey paintings over the last year or so on eBay, Craigs List and various web sites.  The painting shown above is by far on of the best paintings signed H. Gailey.

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