Joaquin Endara Ruíz Vintage Orginal Paintings

  "El Placer"   Quito Colonial Ecuador

Joaquin Endara R
"Creating is there, the painter is a pupil, a bright light, the light irradiation and the reverberation of reality."
Joaquin Endara Ruiz was born in Quito, in the Panecillo in 1933. His existence has been marked by a "reborn" on his painting style and in his own life. The artist suffered a brain hemorrhage, it happened in the United States 40 years ago, it left him completely paralyzed; but his integrity, dedication and deep love to art, allowed him to regain the movements and he relearned to paint prodigiously with his left hand, this refined his extraordinary artistic quality, for these reason is known in the art world as “DOS VECES PINTOR” (pinter twice).

"Endara’s palette produces a rhythmic sound to come across the canvas, the oils forms thick patches, from a draw is given the artistic creation." Diario El Comercio

Recognized by UNESCO in 2000 for his hard work in Ecuadorian art. He has exhibited in numerous opportunities for both individual and group shows and its success has been undeniable, both nationally and internationally.

For 2002 Museum and Library “Aurelio Espinosa Polit” pays homage to his work and mission in the culture, recognizing his work in a chronological process of styles from the nineteenth century, whose "Cantuña" now rests in the museum along with painters such as Joaquín Pinto, Pedro Leon, Manon, Juan León Mera, Pedro Pablo Traversari, Guarderas, Emilio Moncayo, and Joaquin Endara.
Endara, the great Nocturne Impressionist, with another vision of the city, achieves the brightness with the absence and presence of light, he has traveled the country covering all regions of Ecuador, which landscapes have been shaped on canvas, as an artist who gives us panoramic views, bells, alleys, volcanoes, glaciers, beaches, villages etc.
His work has been exhibited in several countries like United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, France among others and just give us a sample of the great and unparalleled creation of his art, his life.

JOAQUIN ENDARA RUIZ EXHIBITS AT PARIS - France from the 1st to the 5th of June 2011 in the Grand Place de la Bastille Paris stand located at No. 602 l première dans Expo. A landscape, a street one night, a look, an expression, a face, everything that somehow reflects the closeness of art with people, nature and especially with the proper of Ecuador in Latin America and also , can be captured on canvas. Endara collects everything Joaquin Ruiz in his work, which is also marked by its two stages, hence it is known as "Twice painter. " Now is the opportunity to Paris, world capital of culture, appreciate the art of Ecuador, through the presentation of the work of Joaquín Endara Ruiz, who will present his work in France at the invitation of Joel Garcia Organisation from 1 to June 5th, the Grand Place de la Bastille Paris stand located at No. 602 l première dans Expo Joaquín Endara Ruíz take a sample of Ecuadorian pictorial talent European lands, the cradle of world art.                    Source: