Luigi Kasimir

Kasimir (1881–1962) was among the first to develop the technique of the colored etching.  Before this, prints were usually hand-colored with the color being applied in a casual, haphazard manner.  Kasimir would first create a sketch in pastel and then transferred the design on to as many as four to six plates, printing one after the other while applying color on the plate, all done by hand.  

This one is numbered 28/60 and is in good condition.  E-bay is full of Kasimir prints ranging from $250-$1800.  I would value this one at $300-$500.  Because Luigi was the pioneer of colored printmaking, his black and whites are not as desirable.  From what I gathered these were originally sold for less money than the "good ones" which were in COLOR.  This was a big deal in its time