This blog features a collection of paintings and prints that I have purchased at various thrift stores and estate sales around Michigan.  Everyone should collect and display genuine art of all forms in their home.  Unsigned prints and mass produced trash should be recycled.  Also I encourage other people to do the same thing with their favorite paintings,sculptures, antiques and other collectible stuff. 

Fenton Peacock and Urn Carnival Glass

I purchased this sick Carnival Glass plate for only $4.99 at the local thrift store.  We're talking about a piece of American hand pressed Carnival Glass made before 1920, in mint condition.  I believe this series was produced starting in 1911.  Ignorance is not always bliss, know what to look for!

Fenton's version of Peacock and Urn is perhaps the easiest to distinguish.  You will notice a saw tooth edge and the Bearded Berry on the back.  You'll also recognize the straight, stiff neck of the bird.  As with other Peacock and Urn patterns, there is a bee just beyond the beak of the bird.

Luigi Kasimir

Kasimir (1881–1962) was among the first to develop the technique of the colored etching.  Before this, prints were usually hand-colored with the color being applied in a casual, haphazard manner.  Kasimir would first create a sketch in pastel and then transferred the design on to as many as four to six plates, printing one after the other while applying color on the plate, all done by hand.  

This one is numbered 28/60 and is in good condition.  E-bay is full of Kasimir prints ranging from $250-$1800.  I would value this one at $300-$500.  Because Luigi was the pioneer of colored printmaking, his black and whites are not as desirable.  From what I gathered these were originally sold for less money than the "good ones" which were in COLOR.  This was a big deal in its time

Joaquin Endara Ruíz Vintage Orginal Paintings

  "El Placer"   Quito Colonial Ecuador

Joaquin Endara R
"Creating is there, the painter is a pupil, a bright light, the light irradiation and the reverberation of reality."
Joaquin Endara Ruiz was born in Quito, in the Panecillo in 1933. His existence has been marked by a "reborn" on his painting style and in his own life. The artist suffered a brain hemorrhage, it happened in the United States 40 years ago, it left him completely paralyzed; but his integrity, dedication and deep love to art, allowed him to regain the movements and he relearned to paint prodigiously with his left hand, this refined his extraordinary artistic quality, for these reason is known in the art world as “DOS VECES PINTOR” (pinter twice).

"Endara’s palette produces a rhythmic sound to come across the canvas, the oils forms thick patches, from a draw is given the artistic creation." Diario El Comercio

Recognized by UNESCO in 2000 for his hard work in Ecuadorian art. He has exhibited in numerous opportunities for both individual and group shows and its success has been undeniable, both nationally and internationally.

For 2002 Museum and Library “Aurelio Espinosa Polit” pays homage to his work and mission in the culture, recognizing his work in a chronological process of styles from the nineteenth century, whose "Cantuña" now rests in the museum along with painters such as Joaquín Pinto, Pedro Leon, Manon, Juan León Mera, Pedro Pablo Traversari, Guarderas, Emilio Moncayo, and Joaquin Endara.
Endara, the great Nocturne Impressionist, with another vision of the city, achieves the brightness with the absence and presence of light, he has traveled the country covering all regions of Ecuador, which landscapes have been shaped on canvas, as an artist who gives us panoramic views, bells, alleys, volcanoes, glaciers, beaches, villages etc.
His work has been exhibited in several countries like United States, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, France among others and just give us a sample of the great and unparalleled creation of his art, his life.

JOAQUIN ENDARA RUIZ EXHIBITS AT PARIS - France from the 1st to the 5th of June 2011 in the Grand Place de la Bastille Paris stand located at No. 602 l première dans Expo. A landscape, a street one night, a look, an expression, a face, everything that somehow reflects the closeness of art with people, nature and especially with the proper of Ecuador in Latin America and also , can be captured on canvas. Endara collects everything Joaquin Ruiz in his work, which is also marked by its two stages, hence it is known as "Twice painter. " Now is the opportunity to Paris, world capital of culture, appreciate the art of Ecuador, through the presentation of the work of Joaquín Endara Ruiz, who will present his work in France at the invitation of Joel Garcia Organisation from 1 to June 5th, the Grand Place de la Bastille Paris stand located at No. 602 l première dans Expo Joaquín Endara Ruíz take a sample of Ecuadorian pictorial talent European lands, the cradle of world art.                    Source:

Bob Kramer 1982

Everything about this sculpture is quality.  The thick leather backing, the tiger stripe wood frame, the boat and the wire work.

Vintage Oil on Board signed P. Clal...?

S. Gruse Painting

Everett Woodson



Everett Woodson (1933 - ) Missouri - Known for "Rural scenes with Barns" Everett Woodson was born September 3, 1933 in Independence Missouri.  He is known for his "barn" paintings.  The central theme of his paintings are barns in different types of settings, seasons and locations.  Collectors of Woodson's work often will seek particular settings or certain seasons over others.  His very large oil paintings are especially prized.  It is not surprising that Everett followed the same path as his ancestors, several of whom also achieved national recognition as professional artists.  Woodson received his formal training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kansas City.  Mr. Woodson has earned several awards for his farmhouses and barns including first place at the Missouri State Fair, Mid-America Fine Arts League, and at the Truman Bi-Centennial.  Mr. Woodson's genius is tied to reality and vividness of his subjects. 


Oil Painting by Artist Melton

This oil on canvas is from the listed American artist Melton, who did a series of paintings in this style. He leaves open spaces of unpainted canvas, has some sort of structure on the left side and always has a tree or two on the bottom right which extends above the painting. After researching this artist and past auctions, I value this painting at $300.00.  Please e-mail me if you have artist information.

Marion Greenwood Vintage Green Giraffe

After comparing signatures online I believe I have identified the artist behind this green Giraffe lithograph. 950/1000

Marion Greenwood is arguably one of America's greatest twentieth century women artists. She left high school at the age of fifteen to study painting and printmaking at the Art Students League of New York, under John Sloan and George Bridgman (1924-1928). She then completed her education at the Academie Colarossi, in Paris. Greenwood also took lessons in lithography from Emil Ganso in Woodstock, New York (1929-1930).   At the age of twenty-two, Marion Greenwood traveled to the Southwest to paint Navajo Indians. A year later she was living and working in Mexico, where her murals brought her work to the attention of the Mexican President and of Mexico's most famous artist, Orozco. Marion Greenwood's work in Mexico made her reputation in the United States, and when she returned to America in 1936 the government frequently commissioned her for public murals.   Marion Greenwood was a Professor of Art at the University of Tennessee (1954-1955) and at Syracuse University (1965). She was elected a full member of the prestigious National Academy of Design in 1959. Today her paintings and lithographs are included in the following collections; the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Woodstock Artists Association, Georgia Museum of Art, The University of Arizona Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, Yale University Art Gallery and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. *( "Tape-Recorded Interview with Marion Greenwood at Woodstock, New York (1964)," Smithsonian Archives of American Art, oralhist/greenw64.htm).   Beginning in the Second World War, Marion Greenwood worked for and exhibited her art with the Associated American Artists of New York. The Associated American Artists was created in the mid 1930's and commissioned original graphic art from such great American masters as Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton, Reginald Marsh and many others. All lithographs and etchings published by the A.A.A. were produced in editions ranging from 100 to 250 impressions. From 1950 to 1970 original lithography became as important to Greenwood's art as her easel painting or murals

Georges Trincot

Georges Trincot (1941-2007)
Signed & Numbered Lithograph "Jumper"  10/275

 This Lithograph is full of action and color and even includes a certificate of authenticity on the back.  This incredible signed and numbered print is easily worth $400+
Georges Trincot was born in Paris in 1921. He was taken in by his uncle, a great horseman who lived in Switzerland, and there Trincot developed a love for horses and for nature. He studied in Colmar, became a teacher there, and in 1960 gave up teaching and surrendered to his passion ~ painting. Trincot has won many prizes and is a member and exhibitor at many of the most prestigious salons in Paris.

Letterman Painting

This giclee was in the window at the Salvation Army with no price.  When the price lady was called up she sad $19.99 and today you get half off.  So I paid $10.00 for a Vintage 4'x3' Giclee (G-clay) that was likely made between 1973-1980.  To my knowledge every large picture signed "Letterman" in this block style is a Giclee Print.  They were sold at a select few department stores for a limited time.

Van Gogh Print on Canvas, Framed Under Glass

This one is unique simply because you rarely see this painting on poster and especially not on canvas.  The green frame goes great with this painting.

Evening Solitude by Ted Ellis

I thought I had the original and I wanted to verify my find, so I contacted Ted Ellis via e-mail.  The following quotes are  from the e-mails:

"Steve, that definitely is my artwork,it looks like a canvas transfer of my print .  This is a common process of making a print look like an original.  A plastic polymer resin sheet that is heat sensitive is placed over one the print and pressed together. Art distributors and some framers have the ability add this embellishment.  Its a great replica, but not an original. (Ted T. Ellis)"

"It still a great deal!!! I painted several seascapes while living in San Jose, CA in the late 80's  my teachers were the Garcia family in Milpitas, CA. That's when I decided I wanted art as a career. It's a special piece.  Any, keep painting it brings great joy!!!  (Ted T. Ellis)"

Vintage Print

1972 K-mart Print on Canvas signed M Salva
This print on canvas was purchased by my mother at K-mart back in 1972.  It has hung in the home for many years and is one of my favorites.  How do you value this print?  Tough to say but given that content represents around two thirds of the value of any piece, I value this print at $50-$75.  You just cant go out and buy these anywhere.  I especially like the black sky, zoom in and see.

Ella Painting

 Large Abstract Painting Signed Ella - I do not have any information about the artist.

Vintage Print

"Big Eyed" Children 1960's Fad
Two Vintage 1960's Color Lithograph prints called "Gigi" by Sherle.

Donna Watson Watercolor

Janet Anderson

Limited Edition Lithographic Print  titled "Detroit 1980"
Signed & Dated 1980    186/200

 The Detroit art scene is an up-and-coming movement that was once based mostly on the architectural, electronic, mo-town, and automotive movements. Today the street art and local art scene is on the rise. The city is full of inspiration creativity and hardworking people getting together to innovate and stir up the masses.

This print is an embodiment of the Detroit art movement as it was made by a local Detroit artist who was inspired by the architectural beauty and energy of the Motor City. This is a signed and dated lithographic print by the eminently talented local artist Janet Anderson. The Print is a very stylish depiction of the Detroit skyline from a unique perspective. The sophisticated detail and the confident line work makes this an excellent representation of Detroit. The print is signed, dated and numbered 186/200.

Janet Anderson (1949-1996) was an artist of astonishing breadth and depth.  Born in Royal Oak, MI and raised in nearby St. Clair Shores, Anderson honed her artistic talents by studying drawing, illustration, and printmaking at the University of Michigan, College of Creative Studies in Detroit, and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.  Though Anderson would cycle between Detroit and New York City during the mid-70s and early 80s, Detroit was her true artistic home.  She gained renown for the clarity and animation of her ink drawings, watercolors, murals, and prints. 

This collection of Anderson’s stunning commercial work features depictions of famous Detroit landmarks and life along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair.  Anderson displayed her work at sterling Detroit institutions such as the Art Institute of Detroit, the Fisher Building, Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Bicentennial Gallery, Renaissance Center, and Cobo Hall. She received commissions from a wide range of business, pulications, advertising campaigns, and individuals, having her work shown to visiting celebrities and dignitaries   In the 1990s, Anderson struggled with a severe case of breast cancer.  Her last inks, like the one above, hauntingly depict excruciating cycles of diagnosis, chemotherapy, remission, and metastasis. Anderson died of breast cancer in 1996: the brevity of her phenomenal career increases the value of the sublime art she created.

T. RAa? Oil on Canvas

Great example of what not to buy at Salvation Army.   Any landscape with "Artistic Interiors Inc" on the back is not worth the much.

Freda E. Hanna

Signed & Numbered Print 1991

This very large print is numbered 987/1000 and includes a certificate of authenticity on the back.

Chinese Artist

Oil on canvas, vintage painting of Chinese people rowing down a river in China.  It is signed with a crazy symbol and I have not been able to identify the artist.

C. V. Staub (Dated 64') Watercolor

This great vintage watercolor from 1964!  The style and technique used in this painting reflects the look of the 1960's.  I was unable to locate any information on the artist, therefore its likely an unknown student or amateur artist.  The painting is framed under glass with what used to be white matting.  Over time the color has leached out of the painting and has saturated the mat with a dull yellow color.

Perez Painting

C. Lewis Perez was an artist of extraordinary talent who is best known for landscape paintings featuring three dimensional or raised trees, bushes and leaves. Perez, whose real name was Chester Lewis (1923-2010), worked also under the trade names "Louis Perez," "Lewis Perez" and often simply "Perez" throughout the 1970's, 80's and 90's until his unofficial retirement from painting around year 2000.

Perez began his career as an artist in the Old Town area of Chicago and later moved his studios and residence to suburban Northwest Indiana. Prior to becoming an artist, Perez was an Illinois registered pharmacist and his curiosity and knowledge of chemical compounds led him to develop a type of paint that resulted in a three-dimensional subject that is extremely durable, easy to clean, and simply unlike any other painting on the market of the time.             Source :

Paintings in this series all feature a 3D looking tree on the water.  Some have structure on the shore line and others do not.  The position of the sun/shadows varies on each painting, as does the tree trunk, leaves, birds exc.  The most desirable trait the paintings in this series have is Texture.

I value this painting at $50.00.  Here is a link to One that sold for 2K??
“Go" Mislabeled the artist as Amelita Perez.  After further ongoing search for artist information, I came across the website above that claims Lewis C. painted the famous "Perez Tree Paintings"

H. Gailey

The legend of Mr. or Mrs. H Gailey

Some people on the internet have suggested this artist was actually a group of artists working in china to produce pictures for tourists?   I think that was a bunch of BS posted by one person and the rumors have since spread because of the lack of information available on this artist.  One things for sure, they are highly collectible for these four main reasons.

1 (Content) Many H. Gailey pictures have surfaced over the last twenty years and people actually like them.

2 (Skill) The majority of the paintings are extremely well done.

3 (Age) Vintage 25 + years, they all seem to have all been painted as early as the 1960's and as late as the 1980's.

4 (Mystery) The lack of information on an artist(s) who painted so many pictures is intriguing.

Based on past auction results and how nice this painting and frame are,  I would value my H. Gailey painting at $200+.    I have viewed a lot of H. Gailey paintings over the last year or so on eBay, Craigs List and various web sites.  The painting shown above is by far on of the best paintings signed H. Gailey.

Please e-mail any H.Gailey Questions/Comments/Information.

Vintage American Hoarse Racing Print

I picked up these two vintage prints with similar themes and frames from the old Salvation Army. This is a great hoarse racing scene which looks even better next to the train picture previously posted.  This picture is actually the same shade as the train print, its a bad picture of a good picture :)